Vasque Pendulum Men's Trail Running Shoe

  • Our Price: $109.95


The Pendulum. It’s the newest Vasque trail runner, the lightest shoe in the line-up, and the very latest in real-world, trail running design. The concept of function, like fashion, sometimes swings to extremes. Veering from overbuilt clunkers to barefoot runners and back, trail running’s seen it all. But eventually, inevitably, things return to center. And the center is Pendulum. Like a more minimally-minded shoe, Pendulum keeps the foot close to the ground and optimally positioned for natural forefoot strike. But at the same time, an EVA midsole and TPU plate protect the runner from the occasional heel strike or wayward stone. A bonded upper minimizes hotspots while a toothy outsole maximizes miles over sketchy terrain. In trail running, there’s a middle ground. It’s root-covered, rock strewn, and it stretches for miles. Pendulum is the swift, stable shoe that’s been optimized to make the most of it.

  • Weight: 10.6 oz. (300g) - Half Pair
  • Outsole: Vasque Visualizer
  • Last: Immerse 360
  • Midsole: Waveform S/C Midsole

Slightly asymmetric shape places the foot in a powerful position and accommodates those with higher arches. • Narrow heel pocket securely anchors the foot and minimizes excessive movement.

Performance benefits:

  • Our highest performance last allows the foot to move more naturally by addressing foot shape holistically.
  • The foot is completely supported but not inhibited, leading to stronger feet which leads to amplified performance.

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