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Commuter Tune - 



·       Adjust Derailleurs

·       Adjust Brakes

·       Light Wheel True

·       Lube Chain 

·       Light Cleaning

·       Test Ride

·       Fill Tires to Correct PSI


Major Tune - 


·       Adjust Derailleurs

·       Adjust Brakes

·       True and Tension Wheels

·       Lube Cables and Chain

·       Torque Nuts and Bolts

·       Light Cleaning

·       Test Ride

·       Proper Tire Inflation

·       Adjust Bearings

·       Labor for installation of most extra parts and accessories in included in the Major Tune



Overhaul - 



·       Bike completely disassembled, cleaned, prepped and reassembled.

·       Anything that can be cleaned and re-greased is, including bearings, etc.

·       After an Overhaul your bike will probably be better than it was when brand new!


Drive Train Clean

 - $50

·       No Tune Up, Just Cleaning

We Remove and Clean individually:

Front Derailleur,
Rear Derailleur,
Chain-rings, Clean and Lube Chain.


Other Services:


Building a Boxed Bike - 


We assemble the bike and give it a commuter level tune-up. This covers most bikes that were boxed and shipped, or ordered online.



Pack a Bike for Shipping

 - $65

This covers carefully packing and securing your bike for shipment, but does not include the shipping price.



Bike Shipping


We are shipping experts! Cost depends upon lots of variables but we do it best.  Enquire!



Aerus Bike Bag Rental


Rent one of the best soft-shell bags on the market.  If you decide that you want to buy one, deduct your rental price towards the cost of a new bag.

($20/day, $100/week)