Rolf Prima SSCX Singlespeed Wheelset (Eccentric or 130mm/120mm)

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The perfect no fuss cross wheel. All the benefits of our VCX wheel, but built on a single speed hub. Working off the legendary White Industries ENO hub platform, the SSCX features a flip/flop hub for fixed or freewheel use. The standard is perfect for horizontal dropout bikes and the ENO Eccentric version can convert just about any frame into a SSCX bike.

The SSCX are not just built to look good, they are built to last. These wheels use the spoke and nipple technologies that we use for all of our race wheels. Straight 14 gauge custom bladed profile spokes and internal alloy nipples with nylon inserts contribute to superior, long-term durability.


Wheel size: 700c
Weight: Clincher 1570gm set [675gm/895gm]
Weight: Tubular 1550gm set [665gm/885gm]
Weight: Ecc - [CL] 1615gm set [675gm/940gm]
Weight: Ecc - [TU] 1595gm set [665gm/930gm]
Spoke count: bladed 16F/16R
Rim: 31mm deep alloy clincher or 30mm deep alloy tubular
Hubset: flip-flop fixed/freewheel single speed. Available in 120mm and 130mm rear spacing. 130mm is also available with White Industries Eccentric ENO.
Category: Cyclocross
Featured technology: Paired spokes, Jacketed Nipple Design™
Upgrades available: Prima Plus and Hero

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