Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!

We are approaching our third year as a cyclocross program and we are always on the lookout for new riders of all levels who are interested in representing our team, our brands, and our sport. Our mission is to provide each of our athletes with a level of support that will help make cyclocross more fun, more rewarding and competitive. We want to fuel the fire that is U.S. cyclocross racing and to help grow it by providing support and opportunities.

Join The Team

Build a CyclocrossRacing.Com team in your area, or be a lone rider/racer utilizing the virtual support of our nationwide grassroots program. Itís easy: send us an email to expressing your interest in joining and we will send you an application package with information regarding how to get started. You will:

- Register yourself at and pay into the CXR team kitty fund ($25/year). REGISTER HERE
- Buy a team kit.
- Start racing and do at least 3 races per season (though we recommend 15).
- Be active in our team social network.

Sign up on our automated team ordering list and start saving big $ on all your CX needs.
- Have fun! Team Results

Team Benefits

A few of the benefits of racing for CyclocrossRacing.Com are:

- You will have an instant network of teammates throughout the country and you will become a part of our virtual cyclocross community via our forums and networks and our Regional Racing Squads (NE, Ontario, Midwest-North, Colorado, Seattle, Oregon, Inland Empire, and more, or help us build one in conjunction with many of our current outlier teammates).
- You will receive deep discounts on cyclocross gear: Blue Bicycles, Rolf Prima wheels, and anything on our website.
- You will become a part of the most exciting cyclocross program in the country.

In return we ask that you be an active member of our team: be a teammate to all, stay connected via our blog and team sites, help contribute to the flow of team-related information, and considering stepping up to fill a bigger team role as team blogger or squad coordinator (incentives available, more info available). And while you are out there, we hope that you will help spread the word about the awesome sponsors who are working hard in order to improve cyclocross, help grassroots cycling, and make life more fun and colorful.

Rubber side down, muddy side up!