Tanka Bar Tanka Buffalo Bites - Spicy Pepper Blend

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The Tanka Buffalo Bites are an all natural snack, big on taste and low on the bad stuff (like additives and trans fats).  These all natural protein snacks have been awarded a Backpacker Editor's choice award and are made from little more than buffalo meat, dried cranberries and a little spice for that extra kick.  Once you have taken a bite of the the buffalo/cranberry blend you will be back for more.  Seven grams of protein, 70 calories in a serving and NO TRANS FATS make this a perfect, energy boosting snack for on-the-go activies, or a simple mid-day snack at the office.

Available in a half (3 Pouches), and full box (6 Pouches).

2010 Backpacker Editors' Choice Award

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